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Dean’s Message

It was my privilege and honor to become Dean of the Hamadan University of Medical Sciences School of Dentistry in August 2015.

As a school, we’ve come far from our inception in 1987 and even while we continue our progress toward a national and even regional leader in dental education and oral health research, our commitment to patient-centered care and philanthropic values remains unwavering.

Our highly devoted faculty members and talented students are our unique opportunities and they deserve to have every needed facilities they required to reach the highest standards of knowledge and skills in dentistry.

We foster interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary learning and discovery, creating an academic atmosphere in which education, research, and patient care occur simultaneously—each informing and improving the others.

While we are moving into a new era in which dentistry goes beyond the boundaries of education, services and research, we will provide facilities for brilliant faculty members and students to find a more significant role in technology. 

I am proud to lead the school of dentistry at such an exciting time, and hope all of you in the Hamadan Dental School share that pride in this remarkable institution.

Thank you




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