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The undergraduate program in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is offered throughout the last three years of the dental degree program. The goal of this program is to train dentists with necessary knowledge and surgical skill to serve the public by performing oral surgeries which lie within the range of their ability and to prepare students to recognize and refer patients with more difficult and advanced problems to specialists, as appropriate.

The undergraduate program in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery consists of didactic courses and clinical rotations augmented by small group seminars and journal clubs. The students will complete multiple examinations (MCQ, DOPS, OSCE, etc) throughout their three-year Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery training program.

Outline of the didactic courses:

-         An introduction to the specialty of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

-         Principles of history taking and physical examination

-         Neurophysiology

-         Neuroanatomy of oral and maxillofacial region

-         Pharmacology of  local anesthetics

-         Techniques of maxillary anesthesia

-         Techniques of mandibular anesthesia

-         Complications associated with local anesthesia

-         Perioperative management of systemic diseases

-         Principles of surgery

-         Principles of asepsis

-         Wound repair

-         Surgical instruments and suture materials

-         Principles of uncomplicated exodontia

-         Principles of complicated exodontia

-         Prevention and management of complications associated with exodontia

-         Diagnosis and management of odontogenic infections

-         Fascial space infections

-         Antibiotic therapy

-         Endodontic surgery

-         Preprosthetic surgery

-         Implant surgery

-         Principles of differential diagnosis and biopsy

-         Principles of management of cysts

-         Principles of management of benign tumors

-         Principles of management of cancers

-         Diagnosis and treatment of dentoalveolar injuries

-         Diagnosis and treatment of mandibular fractures

-         Diagnosis and treatment of midface fractures

-          Dentofacial deformities: Diagnosis and treatment planning

-         Principles of orthognathic surgery

-         Reconstruction of soft tissue defects in orofacial region

-         Reconstruction of bone defects in orofacial region

-         Principles of distraction osteogenesis

-         Diagnosis and management of orofacial pain disorders

-         Diagnosis and management of temporomandibular disorders

-         Cleft lip and palate anomalies


Clinical courses I to V:  

Predoctoral dental students are assigned to clinical rotations to observe and perform various surgical treatments such as exodontia, alveoloplasty, biopsy, removal of soft tissue impacted teeth. During clinical rotations, the students have the opportunity to assist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery residents in performing more advanced surgical procedures.

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